Saturday, August 27, 2011

The new OKC Vapor Shop

Today I spent 4 hours with Mike, Ruthie, and “Doc” over at Doc’s Vapor shop. I had a great time just hangin’ out and getting to know them. They’re good people, highly motivated, enthusiastic, and ready to maximize exposure to the public. I told them I’m in it to help them in any way I can. I really want to see this place become successful, especially as Oklahoma City’s first real vape-friendly establishment.

We talked about many things: What products to possibly carry in the future, what flavors of e-liquid would be great additions to their line, some marketing ideas, and of course, the upcoming vape meet!

I have some answers to questions you’ve all been asking:

They have enough floor space to accommodate about 4 folding tables: There’s 16 seats right there. I will be bringing my own folding table and chair set to the meet. We are going to need a few more. Please let me know if you can bring some on your way here.

Mike wants to know what kind of things you would be interested in buying while you are there. Please let me know if you need atomizers, drip tips, eGo tanks, more batteries, and whatever so he can make sure he has enough for everyone if you plan to buy while you are there. Some of you are coming from afar, and it nice if you could pick up what you needed while you were here.

We’re all really excited about this meet up. I know that Mike and Doc said they would be up till about midnight tonight planning and tweaking on e-juice flavors. Hit me up on the OKC Vapers page on Facebook for what flavors you’d like to see them carry so they can create something especially for you!