Friday, December 11, 2015

Don't believe everything you hear on the news...

New E-Cig Study Reveals Crisis in Journalism

By now you have heard the latest, e-juice contains diacetyl which has been shown to cause "popcorn lung". But, as this article states, there is much more to consider which the media seems unwilling to report.

The article is a good read and might help you understand that this, like other issues that have become politicized, requires you to look deeper into the matter before forming an opinion.

"What’s interesting is how shallow reporting on the story has been. Every major news source that’s covered it, from Harvard’s own in-house paper to and the UK’s Daily Telegraph, have mentioned diacetyl was found in most of the liquids; none of them have explained how much there was, whether it’s a dangerous amount, or how it compares to cigarette smoke." Read more at

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