Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Low Resistance 901 Cartomizer

I’ve recently placed and received an order from EmpireMods, which included a dripshield for one of my friends and various other adapters for me. Upon receipt, I noticed that the company had included a “free gift” with this order. This gift was a cartomizer of sorts with a 510 fitting. At this I thought, “Oh great, another cartomizer that make a mess and wastes liquid.” Consequently, I put it away in my tackle box of spare parts and accessories, thinking that one day when I was bored and had juice to spare I’d mess with cartomizers once again.
A couple of days later when I was going through what juice I had left, I stumbled upon this “free gift”. I actually took it out of the plastic wrapping, took the two condom caps off both ends and instinctively removed the white top cap with a pen. The insides of this one looked a little different than the older cartomizers. There was an extra stopper with a hole in the center just underneath the white top cap. I removed that and noticed that there was a slight difference to the mesh filler material inside the chamber. The plastic center channel was gone, and with a flashlight I could see the heating element in the center of the atomizer! “Hmmmm,” I thought, “This one’s worth a try.” The last thing I noticed was that this cartomizer did not have a 510 connector; it was a 901 with the tiny air hole on the side near the bottom! I filled it up with about 25 drops of “Safe Sex on the Beach” from the Vaporcast Store. I used a 510 to 901 adapter for my eGo and put a drip tip on the business end.
I must say, this thing works better than any atomizer I’ve tried to date. The pull is light, the vapor is surprisingly thick, and it lasts for a good while. I used it in the car today on the way back to the base (where I work for those of you who don’t know), I didn’t have to mess with it while I was driving. I realized that now all I have to do is fill it up again when I park, do my shopping, and when I come back to it I can vape it all the way back home (30 minute drive). This is the kind of cartomizer I’ve been looking for! I did some research online from the EmpireMods site and learned that this thing was officially called the Low Resistance 901 cartomizer from I haven’t been to that site in quite some time, but I see not that it is actually 2.0 ohms and most people still consider that a low resistance atomizer. This will definitely be on my next supply order!

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