Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vaping on the eGo

In the past three weeks or so, I was able to get 4 of my friends, both military and civilian acquaintances, into vaping and have found myself steering them towards The owners are well-known in the vaping community. I’ve since convinced myself and others that the $70 eGo kit that is offered through them is a great deal because everything in the kit is well thought-out. Oddly enough, I don’t own the device and yet I talk it up like it’s the best model to start out with. I am well aware that it is human nature to question someone else’s judgment when they have no experience in the matter and can only assume that the same thought passed through their minds. This is when the guilt started to set in.

The eGos are a great starter model for the new vaper! I can say this with even more conviction because I now own one. I just couldn’t pass up the deal and opportunity. I didn’t purchase the full kit; I just bought ONE battery and cone. It’s the 1000mah version with a mini USB connector on the end cap. My own personal dilemma with the eGo in general was the fact that you would have to disassemble it every time you wanted to charge the battery. I don’t know how much on an inconvenience it is to everyone who already has one, but for me it meant cleaning up all the liquid that leaked out of an atomizer and built up in the cone section, cleaning the cone itself, and cleaning the liquid off the atomizer connection just to charge the darn thing. When I discovered that you can use this type of eGo with the USB still plugged in to a port on your computer or other powered USB port, I thought this would be the best choice since I’d never have to disassemble the atomizer and cone for the whole life of the atomizer!

They work great with Low-res atomizers. The battery is powerful enough to handle the current draw. I'd say that even the 900 mah version is enough, but I'd be a bit leery with using a LR atty with the standard 650 mah version. For all you new vapers, I'd still recommend you buy the full kit because you'd have two functioning units so you'd always have a backup and a spare. I bought mine for impression testing and demonstrations so all I need is one battery, but now I'm seriously considering getting a second. Its's been 3 days now and I haven't picked up my beloved Icon since.


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